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Homestay in Madrid

* Periodo mínimo de reserva: 90 días

Find your accommodation for students in Madrid with Spanish families, homestay in Madrid. We have arranged a program with host families that welcome foreign students in their homes offering them maximum comforts so that they feel at home.

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Homestay in Madrid, your family accommodation

In Rookie In Town we count with hundreds of families offering homestay in Madrid to foreign students looking for accommodation in the capital of Spain. It is an effective alternative for those who seek a closer treatment and greater integration in their new stage.

Families offering accommodation have agreed with a series of commitments with the students so that they can be comfortable and make the most of their stay in the country: bed (single or double), bedding, wardrobe, table, chair and study lamp, in addition to a window and free access to Internet.

Homestay for students in Madrid: Spanish host families

Although families must meet a series of requirements, students who choose the option of homestay in family also have some commitments to fulfill like take part, as any other family member, in certain house rules (cleaning, guests, schedules, etc.).

This type of accommodation is more common than it seems and it offers many advantages to the students who choose it: to know first-hand the culture and customs of our Country, to get a better learning of our Language, to get a better feeling of closeness than living alone if choosing other options…

In addition to this type of student accommodation in Madrid, we also have other alternatives that may interest you as rooms in shared flats or studios.


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