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October 21, 2021

¿Cómo compartir piso con otros estudiantes? Compañeros de piso top

University students and young professionals muchas veces para ahorrar un poco, y por conveniencia, deciden compartir el alquiler de un piso con otros. Entonces surge el problema de la cohabitación, especialmente con extraños, así que te aconsejamos cómo compartir piso de la mejor manera con otros estudiantes o con cualquier compañero de piso con el que te cruces.


share a flat in the best way

Los mejores consejos para compartir piso con otros estudiantes o compañeros de piso

Sharing a room, or an apartment, is part of the adventure of studying or working abroad. You could also live with people you don't know, and this could create problems, but don't worry, follow our advice and everything will be fine.

Show respect

It is essential. In fact, it is the basis of a good coexistence.If you respect your housemate's personality and things, everything else will be easy. Don't criticize them, respect their right to be themselves, and they will do the same to you. Also respect their things and their space.

Be honest

Did you break something from your housemate? Tell him, and if necessary, ask for forgiveness. If you admit when you have been wrong, ganarás el respeto y también la confianza de tu compañero. No sé puede exigir algo que no hacemos nosotros y a todo el mundo le gusta que sean honestos y le digan la verdad.

Equal relationship

Es muy importante establecer este tipo de relación entre compañeros, permite una convivencia más fácil. También las responsabilidades y los derechos son necesarios para lograr el objetivo. Podéis hacer una especie de acuerdo entre ambos para dividir las tareas que se realizarán (comprar alimentos, cocinar, limpiar …). Hay incluso aplicaciones que ofrecen rápidos esquemas de cómo compartir tareas de la casa de manera aleatoria para que no haya discusión alguna sobre el reparto.

Take your housemate into account

If your housemate is sick, don't do something that could bother him/her/them. Put yourself in his/her/their place. Invite him/her/them to do things with you and your friends, even if you know he is going to say no. He will appreciate it. These are some of the fundamental things for a good relationship, which will contribute a lot to your coexistence.

Open your mind

If your housemate is very different from you and has varied tastes, as a college student that you are, realize that you are facing a great opportunity to strengthen good relationships with your roommate. Ask him/her/them about his/her/their tastes and what things you might ask to him/her/them. We all like to be asked about the things that matter to us ...

Make other friends

If you get along with your roommate, great. But don't make him your only friend. If you live together, eat together and always go out partying together, sooner or later one of the two of you will get tired. It will not be good for coexistence. Even if you are good friends, it is healthy that the two of you have different friends apart. Each person you meet will bring you different things, new ideas, and alternative points of view. Don't limit yourself to a small circle of friends. If you are shy, it is important that you try to introduce yourself to new people.

If something bothers you, say it, but be subtle

No matter how well you get along, there are going to be things that will bother you. If something bothers you, don't keep it inside until one day you explode. Talk to him/her/them. But do it in a productive way. Accusations, insults, and yelling will only provoke a defensive response. The key is to communicate and jointly seek a solution. In any case, try to understand the other's point of view and be respectful. If both of you are reasonable, a compromise is almost always possible.

These are just the main tips to be able to live well with your roommate, we hope they have been useful to you. Can you think of other tips different from the ones we have proposed? Share them with the rest of the Rookies!

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