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FAQ – Frequently asked questions students

* Periodo mínimo de reserva: 90 días
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Rookie In Town for students: How does it work?

Choose the city in which you would like to study and pick your arrival and departure date. On our website you will find all the information you need regarding the available rooms (pictures and plans of the flat, detailed information about its surroundings, former tenant students’ reviews…). Our goal: that you book in full confidence. Our flats are completely furnished and ready to be used by students. What’s more, all our flats are verified by Rookie In Town, so you can move in playing it safe.

All our flats include internet connection and a regular cleaning service in the rental price.

Once you have made up your mind on one of the rooms, you must fill in a form and pay a security deposit. The deposit implies the first month’s rent, with a minimum amount of 200 €, which will be held by Rookie In Town and will be returned by the end of your stay. You can either pay the deposit by online payment getaway on our website or by bank transfer.

Once the deposit has been paid, the room is booked for you. At that moment, Rookie In Town will send you the lease agreement (via mail) in your own language, or in English at least, for you to know what your rights and obligations are.

And of course if you need an Accommodation Certificate, we can also dispatch it. But always under two conditions:

  • Having paid the security deposit.
  • Having booked a room for at least 120 days. One or two weeks before your arrival we will contact you in order to set the arrival date and time and we will provide you with instructions and help so that your landing is as comfortable as it can be and you can get to our office in the best possible way. We will be waiting for you!

What should I do on arriving at the flat?

Once you arrive in the city and after having been to our office, signed the contract, received the keys and arrived at your flat, we will grant you three days for you to confirm that everything in the flat has been set as described both in the pictures and in the contract. With this purpose, you will need to send us a confirmation email

How much will I pay for Rookie In Town’s service?

90€, VAT included, which are paid just once, when signing the lease agreement.

How much will I pay per month?

The rent is paid per day and you will pay as many days as you rent the room for. This means, if you enter the room the 15th of a month, you will pay from that moment until the end of the month. If the month has 30 days, you will only pay for these 30 days, but if it has 31, you will pay for 31 days. And, sure, in February, you will only pay 29 days.

What is not included in the rent is water, light and gas expenses. These are paid aside and depending on how much you use. However, since the bills arrive every two months, an estimated amount of 40 € is charged monthly and once the charge arrives, we will catch up on the payment.

Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Yes, we do offer you a cleaning and maintenance service included in the rent. Cleaning will take place every 15 days for the common areas in the flat. The maintenance service includes the reparation of everything that is broken or damaged under a regular and reasonable use.

What happens if I have a problem with the owner or with a flatmate?

Don’t worry, Rookie In Town is here to help. We offer you a student costumer service that will look after any possible problem you have with the owner or your flatmates. Furthermore, we provide you with a phone number for a 24-hour assistance service, in case you have any emergency.

Rookie In Town is different, not only because we offer you a new generation platform for booking your room, but because we walk with you within your whole stay so that it is as pleasant as possible.

When will I get my security deposit back?

On having completed your stay, you must leave the room in good condition, just as you received it. The owner or Rookie In Town will check it and if everything’s fine we will return you the security deposit within a week. In case there is any damage, it will be repaired charged to the deposit, being justified with the pertinent bill.

Having returned the keys is a must for getting the security deposit back.

Rookie in Town es el portal líder para encontrar habitaciones y gestionar tu vivienda.
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