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Rookie In Town is a company which provides housing accommodation for students with two cornerstones. On the one hand, we offer an intuitive and leading online platform for the promotion and booking of the rooms. And at the same time, we are an agency with physical presence in every city we offer our services in, so that we can solve students’ problems related to the accommodation and also help the owners with the paperwork and the advertising of their flats.

A neat academic offer which is not supported with an optimal housing solution can ruin the international student’s experience abroad. However, if the academic and the accommodation offer reach the greatest degree of excellence, the student might turn from being just satisfied but not coming back or recommending the stay to becoming “ambassador” of the city and of the university wherever he/she goes.

That’s why, we believe that a great collaboration among Academic Institutions and Rookie In Town is essential. Together, we work on making the student’s stay an unforgettable experience.

Thus, students who come from an institution holding an agreement with Rookie In Town, will save up to 35% off on the administration fee to be paid to Rookie In Town (45€, VAT included, which are paid just once, when signing the lease agreement).