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Tenants FAQs

May 10, 2021 by Rookie In Town

Rookie In Town for Renters: How does it work?

Choose your new home among all the offers we have. The most difficult thing is deciding on any of them, we choose them all with great affection and thinking of you. 

That is why all our apartments have been previously verified and adapted to your needs. On our website you will find all the information you need (photos and plans of the house, detailed information about what is around ...). Our goal: that you make your booking with total security. 

Once you decide what your new home will be, we will make it very easy for you to book it. You need to register on our website with your name and email. Once you send us the query, we will approve it in less than 24 hours. Then you will only have to pay the deposit, which corresponds to one month's rent. Payment can be made by bank transfer, or with PayPal.

Once the payment is made, your reservation is confirmed. At that time, we will prepare the contract, which you can sign digitally from our platform. In addition, you can save a PDF copy with full legal validity. 

Before you arrive, we will contact you to specify the day and time of your check in. We will provide you with instructions so your arrival is as comfortable as possible. We will be waiting for you with great enthusiasm!

What should I do as soon as I arrive?

Once you have arrived, we will give you your set of keys and you will have to sign a consent notice. In this document you will have the opportunity to share with us any suggestions and confirm if everything was ready for your arrival as we had assured you (cleaning, contract, household items and equipment of the house ...).

How much do Rookie In Town services cost me?

€ 90 VAT included, which is paid only once, at the time of signing the contract.

How much do I pay each month?

Our fees vary depending on the type of rental you are looking for 

In case of renting a room in a shared flat, our fee is € 90 (VAT included). This amount is paid only once when signing of the contract. In case of contract renewal, the fee becomes € 60 (VAT included). 

If you are looking for a complete apartment, our fee would be a complete monthly payment plus VAT. 

Below we answer some questions that may interest you if you rent a room in a shared apartment

How much do I pay each month?

The rent is paid for the full month. In case your arrival is not on the first day of the month, in that monthly payment we will only charge you the proportional part for the days you are there. We will do the same the month your contract ends, we will only charge you for the days you are there. 

What about consumption costs (water, electricity and gas)?

It depends. There are owners who offer an all-inclusive price, while others prefer to set a cap and that you have to cover the difference in case you exceed it. Finally, there is the option that consumption expenses are not included in the rent. 

In the latter case, we take care of distributing the expenses by rooms and depending on the period the bill covers. Every time the invoices arrive, we will send you the complete information and the invoice so you can review it calmly.

Cleaning and maintenance service

The cleaning service we offer is a service intended to perform basic maintenance of the common areas of the apartment. In no case it is to clean your dishes or collect your things. Therefore, we ask you to be especially careful when using common areas and leave them as clean as you would like to find them yourself. After each service you can assess how our cleaning team has done. 

We also have a maintenance team. When something breaks down in the house, get in touch with us and we will send you to the technician to repair it. The cost of this service is not passed on to the tenant if the incident has been caused by normal use. Yes, it will be paid by the tenant if is due to misuse or lack of proper maintenance.

What if I have a problem with a roommate?

Don't worry, that's what Rookie In Town is for. We offer you a service that will help you solve your possible problems with roommates. In addition, we offer you a 24-hour telephone service in case you have an emergency.

The difference of Rookie In Town is, among other things, that we, in addition to offering you an ultimate platform for booking your room, we also accompany you throughout your stay to make it as pleasant as possible.

What are our opening hours if you need us?

Our customer service hours are as follows: 

Monday through Friday from 9am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm. To be attended in one of our offices you will always have to request an appointment by email. In any case, our service policy offers you the possibility that we come to your apartment when you need it. So you don't need to move, we go. To contact us, our team will always provide you the contacts of the people who will accompany you during your stay. 

Outside these hours we put at your disposal our emergency telephone number. If it is something urgent that cannot wait, you can call us when you need it. If it is an important question, but it is not urgent, the best thing is that you send us an email to the address indicated above or call us during the hours of attention to the tenant.  

What about the deposit I have paid?

The deposit is a guarantee that must be deposited by bank transfer before arriving as a commitment to fulfill the lease contract that is signed. 

Here we explain how the return of the deposit works:

  1. It will NEVER serve as a method of payment for any monthly rent.
  2. The deposit will be returned as long as 
    1. You have complied with the dates of stay of the signed contract (that is, if you leave before your contract expires, we cannot return the deposit).
    2. No total or partial rent can remain unpaid.
    3. You have to keep up with consumer spending. Water, electricity and gas bills do not always arrive before your departure. Therefore, we offer two options. The first is to wait until all the invoices arrive (which could arrive up to two months after the end of your contract) and then settle the pending expenses. The second is that we make an estimation of the expense that is pending. This estimation will be made based on the history of invoices of the apartment. We will inform you of this at the end of your contract, and you will be the one to decide which formula you prefer for the liquidation of your deposit. 
    4. You must return the room in the same condition it was delivered to you. That is, the room must be returned with all its furniture complete and in the same cleanliness as in the beginning.
      For this, we will do the check out in your presence, as long as it is possible according to schedules. We are available at the following hours: M-F from 9am to 2pm and from 3pm to 6pm. Outside these hours, we cannot guarantee our availability. Therefore, in those cases you can do two things. 1) That we carry out the service after hours, which will have an extra cost of € 30 that must be paid in cash at the time to the person who is going to carry out the review; 2) Leave the room and leave the keys on the table. We will pass as soon as possible and check out (in this case, you have to assume that the assessment made by Rookie staff is true and therefore there is no argument against it.) 

In any of the cases, the contract resolution document will be filled out, with two copies signed, one for each. If there is no agreement, or there are observations on the state of the room or common areas, it will be recorded in this document. Our incident department will review the case, and undertakes to issue a resolution within a period of less than 7 business days. 

It is very important that upon arrival you take the time necessary to check the state of the room, and of the common areas before signing the conformity report. If you see something damaged, or in poor condition, reflect it on the part. In addition, we give you a period of 5 days from your arrival to finish confirming that everything is correct. Keep in mind that if at the end of your stay, we observe something damaged, or broken, and you had not let us know upon arrival, we understand that you are responsible.  

  1. Finally, the set of keys must have been returned, as it was given to you upon arrival (upon arrival we will make you to sign a key delivery document specifying the keys that are delivered to you). Upon your departure, we will always give you a return certificate as proof of this and a guarantee for your return of the deposit. 
  1. If all the above-mentioned circumstances occur and once the liquidation amount has been agreed, it will always be done within approximately 30 business days by BANK TRANSFER (the deposit will NEVER be returned in cash for security reasons). 

To do this, we will send you an email notifying you the final liquidation, and requesting your bank details (in the case of an international transfer, the charges derived from it will be assumed by the recipient). Once you respond to the email accepting the liquidation and providing this information, the period indicated above for your return begins to count. 

Normally the term is always shorter, as long as there is an agreement on the liquidation, and all the requirements have been met.

Finally, in the event that more than 3 months have passed since the end of the contract without the tenant requesting a refund, it is understood that he/she/they renounces it.

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